Exchange steps to PASEO

1. Download PASEO App from Google Play: Download App >>

2. Buy Minimum 19, 99 PASEO: To activate PASEO wallet and to get cryptocurrency related to walking steps you have to buy minimum 19, 99 PASEO. After buyng you will became owner of your first PASEO and cryptocurrencies will be trasferred to your newely created wallet. You will have a choice to buy 19,99 or 99,99 or 999.99 PASEO. If you will buy 19.99 PASEO you will have "Steps/PASEO" regular exchange rate. If you will buy 99,99 PASEO you will have 1,5 times better exchange rate (permanently)-it means that you will get 1,5 times more cryptocurrensy. If you will buy 999,99 PASEO you will have 3 times better exchange rate (permanently). Use this link to buy PASEO>>

Atantion !!! After buyng PASEO you will receive private kay of your wallet by E-Mail. You have to copy private kay, take photo or write down. Loosing the kay maybe will cose loosing your wallet in future and will not be possible to recover it!

3. Download "Interstellar" wallet: After sending us information about your steps PASEO will be transferred to this wallet. Download "Interstellar" wallet App from Google Play: Download >>

4. Activating PASEOS on Interstellar: After downloading Interstellar wallet and registration on it follow next steps:

4.1. Enter in your Interstellar account

4.2. Click the button shown by arrow


4.3. Click the button "Add Wallet"

Paseo Crypto

4.4. Click the button "IMPORT"

4.5. Enter the secret key (Sent to your mail after buying PASEO) in the field "Account Secret Key"


Congratulations! You just created wallet of PASEO on Interstellar, where you already have minimum 19,99 PASEO and where you will receive cryptocurrency related to your walking steps.
Some amount of Stellar will also be transferred to your wallet

5. Entering E-Mail and Wallet address in PASEO App: It is necessary to enter your wallet address in PASEO App. Otherwise you will not receive cryptocurrencies.

5.1. In Interstellar Wallet App and click the button "Receive"


5.2 . PASEOs Address window will open where PASEOS will be transferred (this address is not secret).
Click button shown by arrow, address will be copied.


5.3. Now call App PASEO and Click button shown by arrow.


5.4. Choose "Wallet" from the list


5.5. In the field "Wallet address" paste copied address. in the field "E-Mail" write your personal email (Which was used in Paypal when you bought PASEO) and click button "Save"



6. Let's start sending walking steps for exchanging to PASEO: Call PASEO App by the end of the day and by clicking button "send" send us information about steps. To get cryptocurrency it is necessary to walk minimum 5000 steps per day.


Wish you welth and health!