Do You Want Cryptocurrency?

Process of earning cryptocurrency never was so easy and Useful - Walk and Earn! We will exchange your steps to most healthy cryptocurrency-PASEO!


Download the mobile app. Walk more than 4999 steps a day. Send us information and receive the appropriate PASEO (RIPPLE-based cryptocurrency)

Wolk more
Little more

Get PASEO on "Interstellar" wallet

After sending us information from mobile app about number of steps, PASEO will be transferred to your Interstellar wallet. Download Interstellar mobile application. To activate PASEO on Interstellar wallet you have to buy minimum 19.99 PASEO. Get more information here >>

1999 Steps. low
2999 Steps. Wolk more!
3999 steps. Little more!
5000 Steps-Get PASEO

Earning PASEO

Earning PASEO is possible only by wolking and exchanging steps to PASEO.

Exchange rate: 1 Step = 0,002 PASEO

Walk more

Download PASEO app from Play Store and wolk more every day!

Send us

Do not forget to call application by the end of the day and send us steps


Receive the appropriate PASEO to your "Intersellar" wallet


Wish you Wealth and Health!

Start Earning

Mobile App

Mobile App PASEO will count your steps during the day. It will not obstruct any activities of your phone. You will see App only when you call it. Do not forget send number of steps by the and of the day (must be more than 4999 steps). Send steps by clicking the button "Send".